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SPH Saddle Pad Corvette (Square Skirt) 32"

The Corvette – Square Skirt

SPH Saddle Pad offers the following features:


Total Wither Relief
- Horse is able to move more freely.
- Wither is completely free from pressure.
- Eliminates pinching and protects manes.


High Leg Cut Outs

-Super close contact for rider

-Great for kids and short leg riders

- Increases lateral control 


Pure 100% Wool
-High quality pure wool with leather trim
-Exellent compression rating for shock absorbtion and weight distribution
- Wicks away sweat to cool your horse. 
- Reduces pressure points and hot spots


We recommend wool for long rides or if a horse is saddled for long periods oftime

Wear leathers provide protection and durability. Proudly handcrafted in the USA!

Note. These navy pads vary in thickness slighly in different areas of the pad from 7/8" - 1' (22mm - 25mm)

SPH Saddle Pad Corvette (Square Skirt) 32"

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